Iselin Amanda Støylen | Norway (@iselinayoga) last month

“Yoga is a dance. A dance between two partners. Two forces. It’s a dance between control and surrender. Between holding on and letting go. It's movement and it's stillness. It's exploration and creativity. We step on our mats to honor a tradition, and we step on our mats to write a new story each and every time. We practice not to reach a specific goal, or to perform, but to be, to feel. Yoga teaches flexibility of the mind, rather than flexibility in the physical body. The relationship between moving and staying still. A reflection of our lives rather than the postures we’re performing. It’s about the moment. Living in presence. It’s connection between spirit and mind, soul and heart. It’s strength and it is power. As much as it is vulnerability and softness. It is beauty and it is art.”