Colen Lindell 🤓 (@colenlindell) last month

When I heard Aiken County Public Schools announce the plans to repurpose the current site of Adult Education into an elementary school and seek community engagement on the naming of the elementary school, I spoke to various leaders of the Graniteville community and approached them with the idea of naming the new elementary school William Gregg Elementary School. I received positive feedback and saw this would have wide spread community support. I have done various snapshot polls on the name and the polling numbers have shown strong support for the name William Gregg Elementary School. To continue to show community support I started a petition to suggest to the Aiken County School Board the potential name of the school. William Gregg is the founder of Graniteville, South Carolina and started the Graniteville Company, one of the first textile mills in the South. He also had a major impact on education. “William Gregg ultimately created what was perhaps the first compulsory education system in the United States. He built schools for children 6–12 years. In these schools, books were provided to teachers. Parents were fined for every day they held their children absent from classes. Gregg also banned alcohol and dances in the town to maintain the moral character of his employees and their children.” As the town founder and what he did for education, I feel he is deserving of this dedication of naming a elementary school in the heart of downtown Graniteville after him. I ask the community to join me and let’s make this happen.