Abick Lloren (@bick.toria) 5 weeks ago

A CHOCOLATE STORY 🍫. # A friend/colleague of mine gave me a small limited edition KitKat chocolate from Japan; it has sakura design. I placed it in the fridge happily. I actually don't know if it's milk, white, or dark chocolate because another friend/colleague ATE it. 😫😭 I was so frustrated, and irritated because at that moment my sweet tooth was kicking in badly. I blew off my steam for a few minutes. All of these happened while everyone was amused and was laughing so hard. For me, when I place food inside the fridge, or at the common table, I don't mind who eat it for as long as it's not MY CHOCOLATE. 😂 I guess, some friends just know you well that during some moments, they will gladly laugh AT YOU till they're in tears. Little did I know someone heard, & did not understand why everyone was laughing at me. She felt pity perhaps, & the incident stuck her the entire day. I think she mistook Hershey's with Kitkat. 😭 Days past, I forgot about the "mystery Kitkat bar". And just today, I received a Ferrero Rocher pack, and three Hershey's bars (I left the Cookies & Cream at the office fridge ). Thank you Riel. Tsk, haha! And a special thank you to Photon peeps. It's not yet my birthday, but thank you for the chorale performance. 😂🎉 So there, Friday after all has been memorable. I'm SOOOOO HAPPY! 😊😍♥️. . . . #chocolate #sweettooth #story #gratitude #thankyou #ferrerorocher #hersheys #milkchocolate #almond #nuts #birthdaygirl #birthdaysong #photon #groufie #happiness #laughter #smile #simplepleasures