Thomasina Hamilton (@truetommiegirl) last month #LegacyofAaliyah (I do not own this image ) Came across it on Google Image search & trying to give sources credit. If the owners wish me to take it down, my apologies & I will with respect. I simply want to say, how much I still miss her... her style including her persona, her music, her fashion, just all of it. Going on 17 years this summer. I was 17, when she passed away on my birthday. In the entertainment industry, as it's dramatically changed over this time, what's missing most is those who simply have the capacity to stand out rather than being all in your face all the time. Always people wanting to be on top, manipulating anything to expand on their mini empires etc. Rather than just be. Aaliyah you remain exceptional in every way. From this simple admirer (since the term fan is now used as so and so's army what have you ) I really appreciate how you continue to be above the BS ; through your achievements and most of all your example. #Aaliyah