Megan Mlynczak (@divinelifebydesign) 1 weeks ago

Happy Love Day ❤️ I am Alllllll about love. While I don't believe that love should be celebrated just one day of the year. I do like it as a day that reminds us and brings awareness. Love doesn't mean just the love for your significant other. Since when was love just about romantic love? This is such a great day to love yourself, your dog, your neighbor, and your parents, your kids... and everyone you see. We have this preconceived notion that love has to be about someone else. This is 100% not true. Open your heart to send and receive love in new and amazing ways. Today I challenge you to reach out and show some "love" and kindness to everyone you see! INCLUDING yourself! I welcome you to comment below with an act of love that you experienced today. I challenge you to not only think of romantic love, but to look outside the box to see other forms of love. What made your heart smile today? #loveday #smile #whatmakesyourheartsmile #selflove #spreadthelove #lovelightjoy #love #lifecoach #healthcoach #divinelifebydesign @divinelifebydesign